Non juried

Much of this art form is spontaneous. Seeing a moment and exploring it. Two weeks ago, I saw a tweet that a gallery in Ellijay, GA, near where I was raised, was accepting entries into a juried exhibit called "Works of Nature." I thought I'd be a perfect fit, so I entered six photos. I even called to ask if I was eligible since the photos are the only record of the work. I was told that would be fine. Turns out, it was not. I was told yesterday that since my photos were printed on paper, they could not be entered, even through two of them were picked. No sour grapes, but I felt a little odd about it. It's a good learning experience for entering in the future. I'm curious to see what they did pick this Spring.

I've done a few things lately, nothing I really felt was strong. I need to find more time to explore and play. It can take 2-3 times to try and fail before I hit on something I like. Below are a few things I've tinkered with. I've worked out that sometimes a piece is just practice for something down the road. This can be hard to wrap my head around as I'm squeezing in creating before and after my day-job and on weekends.