It's been a late Summer and Fall full of surprises. Most of you know I've shown at Hendershots in Athens and am currently in a juried show at the Tannery in Buford, GA. I was featured on My-Athens and will soon be in the Athens paper. After winning the Team UGA award in September, it all seemed too fast. I'm used to working behind the scenes. It makes me uncomfortable, but happy for the exposure. I look forward to working more this Fall as the leaves change and the weather cools off.

More juries

I've been selected for another juried event. And I'll be going come hell or high-water. I'll be an exhibitor at this year's Mountain Arts and Craft Celebration at Cloudland Canyon in northwest Georgia on Nov. 1-2. More info. 


Having a great time playing with and exploring potential with Sweet Gum tree "gum balls." Googling shows lots of crafting ideas, and I'm struggling with that line of distinction. When does a circle of organic material become art and not a wreath? Athens is full of vines, and I've tried a lot of different things with them, but they all end up looking like Pinterest craft ideas, not that there's anything wrong with that.

The gum balls make for interesting forms, as they stick to almost anything. Next, I'll try sticking them to tree bark. 

This morning, the Birchmore Trail was alive with birds. Had a heron land near me, and saw some birds starting their nests. The turkeys at the Zoo even spoke up today. It was crazy cold though, and I left my gloves at hat at home. The moss was bright after the rain and the gum balls stuck like felt. My trail on the rock in the creek already fell apart. I think this one will last longer.


Applied for a grant from the city of Athens, didn't get it. Disappointed because I thought I made a good case, but I was looking more for permission to work on city land than the money. I don't need funds for supplies, but a trailer would be nice. Application is attached if you're interested.

More juries

Another juried exhibition that I was told I can't show in since my work is captured as photos only. Mostly my fault as I entered as a sculpture. Rookie mistake. I've also applied for a grant from the Athens Arts Council to build up to 12 nests along the Greenway. Jenny talked me into applying, but the more I've thought about it, of course the more excited I am to do it. I'll find out on March 14 if I get it.

Non juried

Much of this art form is spontaneous. Seeing a moment and exploring it. Two weeks ago, I saw a tweet that a gallery in Ellijay, GA, near where I was raised, was accepting entries into a juried exhibit called "Works of Nature." I thought I'd be a perfect fit, so I entered six photos. I even called to ask if I was eligible since the photos are the only record of the work. I was told that would be fine. Turns out, it was not. I was told yesterday that since my photos were printed on paper, they could not be entered, even through two of them were picked. No sour grapes, but I felt a little odd about it. It's a good learning experience for entering in the future. I'm curious to see what they did pick this Spring.

I've done a few things lately, nothing I really felt was strong. I need to find more time to explore and play. It can take 2-3 times to try and fail before I hit on something I like. Below are a few things I've tinkered with. I've worked out that sometimes a piece is just practice for something down the road. This can be hard to wrap my head around as I'm squeezing in creating before and after my day-job and on weekends.


Not the best day...

I've been going to the Oconee Forest at Lake Herrick on campus since Christmas, and although I've seen some students, no one's bothered me. Today, however, I had a UGA truck pull in close to where I was working and give me the stink eye. I don't know, but I think a couple of the students running may have called in a strange man breaking limbs in the woods. For some reason, it spooked me. I love working in the woods, but hate to be bothered. I'm not doing anything illegal or wrong, but I like to work with the freedom to know that I'm not bothering anyone or anything. I should try to find a farm or a piece of private land to work on.