I'm Chris Taylor, and I'm a land artist. 

I'm a man in his 40s with a beautiful wife and daughter. I live in the greatest college town in America, Athens, GA, and I'm a graphic artist by day.

I've been an artist most of my life. I liked painting and making things. I've played drums since I was 13, sometimes getting paid to do it. But, you know those times in your life when you think "after this, nothing will ever be the same…"? That's how I felt after seeing Andy Goldsworthy's "Rivers and Tides" one morning on PBS. This was an art form and way of looking at the world that had always been in the back of my mind and was now legitimized. After studying him and other, modern artists like Will Beckers, Julia Brooklyn, Richard Schilling, Nils-Udo, and Richard Long I dove in and started creating. I'm not aware of any other land artists working in the South, but if there are, we should really hang out.

The trick for me is discovering what the Southern landscape is saying. It can range from hot, dry and stark to cold, damp and claustrophobic. Winter, Spring and Fall are my favorite times in general, I'm no good in the heat, but they truly sing by allowing the forest and landscape to open itself up. 

My aesthetic comes from the mountains of Appalachia. Rustic, jagged, damp, dark and inviting. Full of stones, dead limbs, moss, creeks, salamanders, rhododendron, fog, wind and rain.

When teaching, my hope is to pass along discovery in the details. A stick, flower, bark, leaves, anything that makes a child stop and see what's really around them. The state of modern childhood and it's lack of nature education has been groused about ad nauseam, and only a portion of it is correct. The fact is, a child will figure out this point of view if left alone. The issue is kids aren't left alone to discover very often. 

When ever I'm working, I usually have to explain to adults what I'm doing… children always get it.

I’m fascinated with both nests and roots, literal and otherwise. An exertive and ephemeral look at the permanence of putting down roots and starting a family. Using found materials and crafting them into a manner pleasing to you.

You have everything you need around you, just put it together the way you like.

Also, I totally love pie.

…and coffee.

All artwork and images are mine. If you want to post  one, please credit the site. 

Questions? Comments? Feel free to email me at thirtyfournorth@gmail.com.

All photos taken with an iPhone 5 unless noted otherwise.

Photo by Mark Sorrow